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Welcome to the Institute for Enterprise Education

Meaning of Enterprise:
"Taking initiative to achieve a self-determined goal that is part of a future vision, in order to achieve one’s own meaning in life, while sharing achievements with others."

Eugene Luczkiw

Who We Are
The Institute for Enterprise Education is a recognized international centre dedicated towards the research, design and development of training in the fields of entrepreneurship development, entrepreneurial leadership and enterprise education.

The Institute for Enterprise Education and the Centre for Entreplexity’s consulting activities have included many national and international, public and private organizations such as:

  • World Bank, Washington, D.C., United States
  • Royal Bank Financial Group, Canada
  • Scottish Enterprise, United Kingdom
  • London Life, Canada
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Johnson & Johnson, United States
  • Human Resources Development Canada
  • Industry Canada
  • The Woodbridge Group, Canada
  • Jobs and Society Finland
  • Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery, Canada
  • Canadian Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association
  • Cabinet Office’s Centre for Leadership, Province of Ontario, Canada

What We Do
For the past decade, the Institute for Enterprise Education has focused on entrepreneurial research and innovative program design dedicated towards the creation of entrepreneurs and enterprising individuals. Among the Institute for Enterprise Education’s leading-edge innovations are methodologies and processes that empower individuals and leaders to break out of existing ‘mental models’ in order to create new possibilities and identify new opportunities, while exploiting emerging niches in today’s chaotic, complex and discontinuous global environment.

The Institute for Enterprise Education has been recognized globally both by the Prince’s Trust Foundation, as well as the IDRC as the "M.I.T. of Enterprise". The Institute for Enterprise Education’s Youth Entrepreneurship Program has received national recognition by winning the "Best Practice Award for Youth Entrepreneurship" at the Enterprise Edge National Conference in 1998.

Eugene LuczkiwEugene Luczkiw
Eugene Luczkiw, Director of The Institute for Enterprise Education, is a world renowned expert in the field of entrepreneurship. Eugene is also available as an inspirational speaker for leaders and their teams. For further information, please email us.

Core Beliefs and Values
We believe that each person must have an opportunity first to discover his or her distinct talents, meaning and purpose in life.We will provide a nurturing and supportive climate that enables each person to pursue their meaning and purpose by creating their mission in life.

We believe that the science of complexity and its study of complex adaptive systems offer effective strategies for individuals and organizations to succeed in today’s chaotic and highly disruptive environment.

Why we exist (Purpose)
We exist in order that we may pursue our individuality and meaning within the boundaries of our vision. (Differentiation)

By collaborating and networking with others, we create new possibilities, identify potential opportunities, and market niches for our organization. (Integration)

Where we are going (Vision)
To create and nurture a learning culture based on entrepreneurial principles and practices in order to effectively pursue challenges in today’s chaotic, complex and rapidly-changing global environment.

How we intend to get there (Mission)
To instill the ‘spirit of enterprise’ in the mindset of each person through a conscious process of self-discovery, experiential learning and self-determination.

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