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Certificate Program in Entrepreneurial Leadership

How can you be an effective leader in today’s highly disruptive environment?

This innovative and highly interactive program will be of interest to:

  • individuals seeking to become effective leaders within their respective organizations
  • self-motivated individuals seeking employment in high growth enterprises
  • leaders seeking to instill the entrepreneurial spirit within their organization

Completion of the eight modules will lead to a certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership.

The eight modules include:

  1. Global Scan - Making sense of today’s emerging global networked environment. Understanding global, demographic, economic and social systems.
  2. The Next Network Economy - Discovering the emerging principles of the next economy and its impact on the economic and social landscape.
  3. The Entrepreneurial Process - Internalizing the principles and practices of successful entrepreneurship and innovation.
  4. The Human Factor - The human capital of an organization is its most critical determinant of success. The key is to connect each person’s distinct mission with meaningful work.
  5. The Creative Process - The creativity of each person is as distinct as they are. This journey involves a thorough review of each person’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs. It is a look at their distinct value system and how it connects with the core beliefs, purpose and vision of the enterprise as a whole.
  6. Internalizing Effective Learning Strategies - This unit focuses on how each person learns and acts by internalizing learning that is consistent with their distinct creativity. This leads to the kinds of action strategies that enable individuals to effectively deal with the emerging challenges and opportunities in today’s chaotic and highly disruptive environment.
  7. Ecology of Enterprise — This unit deals with the creation of ecosystems that nurture individual initiative within collaborative teams and networks. The key is to allow each person to pursue their mission within an ecology of trust. The jamming jazz band metaphor serves as a metaphor for how an organization should work.
  8. Independent Research Project — This last module seeks to integrate and synthesize the above seven modules leading towards a creative strategy for your organization.

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