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Seven Determinants of a Successful Enterprise

How do you build an effective and enduring organization?

This highly interactive three-day journey provides leaders and their teams with success strategies for dealing with today’s challenges in the marketplace.

The Seven Determinants of a Successful Enterprise program enables leaders to assess their current reality, identify specific challenges, and design effective strategies to make the needed changes. Each of the Seven Determinants can be further developed as two-day sessions.

The Seven Determinants of a Successful Enterprise program includes the following:

  • Core beliefs and values and a clear and compelling vision of the future.
  • An emphasis on the distinct uniqueness of each individual as the member of the team.
  • Connectivity of the individual’s beliefs, values and purpose, with the core beliefs and values, purpose, vision and mission of the enterprise.
  • Constant innovation on the edge of the enterprise.
  • Complexity, character and quality of the internal and external network.
  • Integrated thinking throughout the enterprise, whereby the connected whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Management by self-organization based on the Jamming Jazz Band metaphor.

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