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What is Symbiosis 3?

Symbiosis 3 is a highly integrated network of strategic business services offered to enterprises with global market potential seeking to establish a presence in North America. Symbiosis 3 is a coalition of leading business professionals in the fields of business development, entrepreneurship, finance, law, marketing, and venture capital. The mission of Symbiosis 3 is to assist leading-edge technology based companies to become leaders in the North American marketplace through development of effective strategies, alliances and networks.

Services Provided
The services outlined below will be made available to those companies that demonstrate promising technologies to meet the needs of the North American marketplace. These services include the following as part of our North American business generator initiative:

  1. An introduction to strategic North American markets through our Canadian operations.
  2. Participation in a sophisticated venture capital network.
  3. Legal and government relations.
  4. Consulting services as they apply to:
    1. Business development strategies
    2. Sourcing of highly skilled knowledge employees
    3. Leadership development strategies
  5. A complete range of ongoing business and office services in securing a North American presence.
  6. A total package of accounting, banking and financial services.
  7. A ‘turn-key’ package of research and development support for your enterprise.
  8. Integration into targeted strategic networks consisting of industry associations, private and public sector organizations.

For further information, please e-mail us.


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