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Enterprise Education

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Enterprise Education - Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

The Meaning of Enterprise

The taking of initiative to achieve a self-determined goal that is part of a future vision, in order to achieve one’s meaning in life, while sharing achievements with others.

Eugene Luczkiw


The Enterprise Education, Bachelor of Education program, in partnership with Brock University's Faculty of Education, has been specifically designed for individuals seeking to become educators, facilitators and leaders in both private and public sector education.

This program will be of interest to participants with diverse academic specialties seeking to create an enriching experience in the classroom environment. Enterprise is a component of all teachable subject areas. (Arts, English, History, Languages, Math, Science, etc.) It is designed to make every subject field come alive by developing innovative approaches that engage the learner’s distinct intelligences, talents and motivation.

This highly innovative, experiential and interactive program is the first of its kind that is based on the principles of the enterprise and the study of complex adaptive systems in teacher education. This combination of complexity science and enterprise form the foundation for education in the 21st century.

This program has been designed to enable participants to:

  • teach at the secondary school level
  • facilitate learning in an organizational environment
  • work in a field related to the selected teaching option
  • create a community network to support the learning process
  • become self-employed as an entrepreneur

Upon completion of the program, participants will receive:

  • recommendation for a Certificate of Qualification to the Ontario College of Teachers
  • B.Ed. Degree from Brock University
  • Professional Certificate in Enterprise Education from Brock University and the Institute for Enterprise Education

The Professional Certificate in Enterprise Education will provide the learner with a whole new set of enterprising mental models and methodologies based on successful entrepreneurial principles and practices, combined with knowledge from the Institute’s leading edge research, and the emerging science of complexity. Participants will design and develop innovative systems and strategies that nurture their individual knowledge and talents within the context of their learning experience.

What makes Enterprise Education distinct and different?

The professional Certificate in Enterprise Education consists of three distinct courses.

Part I - focuses on a number of critical issues that includes:

  1. Global scan of emerging global demographic, economic and social trends.
  2. Introduction to complexity sciences and the study of complex adaptive systems.
  3. Internalizing the spirit of enterprise. (The process of enabling each person to connect their distinct talents, capabilities, purpose and mission with emerging opportunities in the community)
  4. Application of enterprising behaviours to diverse activities and challenges inside and outside the classroom/organizational environment.
  5. Creating a culture of social innovation. (Creating a nurturing culture that enables each person to pursue their distinct creativity within diverse teams of participants)
  6. Building effective models of learning and leadership.

Part II - focuses on the successful application and creation of learning strategies in the classroom and the community. The learning program provides opportunities for each learner to discover their distinct talents, purpose and motivation, in order to participate as part of a diverse team, in addressing challenges posed by the particular learning discipline. (Math, Science, English, Business Studies, etc.) By creating this climate, each person works to their distinct capabilities while sharing a common purpose of the team. These experiences are transferred to classroom methodologies and become part of the practicum.

Part III - Each program participant will spend a period of three weeks working in a field related to their teaching. The purpose of this experiential activity is to enable participants to develop a community context for learning. Participants will be required to develop learning modules that connect classroom learning with related activities in the community.

For more information about Enterprise Education Bachelor of Education Course call (905) 688-5757 or e-mail.

Click here for a PDF document on the Bachelor of Education Program.

Program participants have created a highly interactive website, e4e.ca which is dedicated to participants and alumni of the Bachelor of Education, Enterprise Education program. It has been specifically developed to foster active discussion of current critical educational issues. As Enterprise Education is a component of all teachables, program participants hope to engage educators from around the globe in stimulating discussions revolving around issues in education and the classroom.

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