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IEE Programs

Welcome to The Institute for Enterprise Education Programs

The innovative programs offered by The Institute for Enterprise Education incorporate findings from our ongoing research and therefore become our learning labs. Our unique programs are designed to fulfill our mission – ‘To instill the spirit of enterprise in the mindset of each person through a conscious process of self-discovery, experiential learning and self-determination.’

Currently, we instill the spirit of enterprise in the community through programs that are designed to answer the following questions:

Are you looking to become an enterprising educator, who brings creative and enriching experiences into the classroom environment?

Bachelor of Education – Enterprise Education Program

Are you between 18 – 30 and have a strong desire to start your own business?
  Youth Entrepreneurship Program
Are you 35+, unemployed, looking for work, feeling frustrated?
  The 3R Program
Are you interested in knowing if self-employment is a good option for you?
  The New Orientation to self-Employment Program









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