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The New Orientation to Self-Employment

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The New Orientation to Self-Employment Program

If you are...

  • Thinking about a business idea and want to know what to do next.
  • Wondering if you have what it takes to start and run a business.
  • Employed, underemployed or unemployed, and considering alternatives and wanting to make changes for the better.

    ...you could benefit from attending the New Orientation to Self-Employment Program.

The New Orientation to Self-Employment Program is an intensive three-day program designed to help people who are considering self-employment. The program helps them to learn more about themselves, their wants and dreams, and provides the opportunity for participants to design their own roadmap to greater satisfaction. This may involve being self-employed in the traditional sense of operating a personal business, but it certainly involves being mindful in the process of employing oneself.

Participants will receive information on the practical process of business start-up and organization, with checklists to evaluate their level of readiness to start a business. The program will be presented through a process of discussion supported by questionnaires, self-evaluations and a three-day journal. At the end of the program participants will have a reference manual useful in continuing self-discovery, self-determination and self-employment.

Whether participants choose to proceed with a business or not, they will have improved their level of understanding about business organization, improved self-knowledge and new skills to help them identify and achieve personal objectives.

This three-day program is conveniently offered in various locations in the region.

For more information about the New Orientation to Self-Employment Program call (905) 688-5757 or e-mail.

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