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Youth Entrepreneurship Program

The Youth Entrepreneurship Program is one of the longest running programs at the Institute for Enterprise Education. Highly interactive, this energized and success bearing course runs on a full-time basis for 26 weeks, with opportunities and inspiration for creating positive changes in one's life. If you are up for a challenge, come and develop your business idea into a viable and sustainable enterprise, through comprehensive business education components and a supercharged approach to seeing your future as well.

Young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 are invited to apply for this program which empowers each participant to make the most of his or her personal skills, to have the determination to succeed in their own venture with a defensible business plan and to have a thorough understanding of their industry and marketplace.

Along the way, participants also enjoy working in harmony with others to develop and deliver a well-planned community project. While making a difference for others, this project also serves as a first chance at devising and operating a venture, with invaluable experience gained.

This is your opportunity to be one of the next group of 15 to experience the spirit of enterprise through an exciting and fun approach.

For more information about the Youth Entrepreneurship Program call (905) 688-5757 or e-mail.



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