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Jazzin in the Vineyard - Vintner's Enterprise Study, 1999 - The Institute for Enterprise Education conducted a study of the rapidly expanding wine industry. Using the Institute’s previous studies we were able to determine the challenges faced by this industry both at the foundation stage for the many start-ups, as well as at the development stage for those earlier entrants.

The findings of this study identified 7 critical characteristics of success.

  1. A clear and compelling vision of the future.
  2. An emphasis on the distinct talents of each individual and their contribution to the enterprise.
  3. Connectivity of each person’s mission, purpose and values with the vision, mission and purpose of the enterprise.
  4. Constant innovation on the edges of the enterprise.
  5. Complexity, character and quality of internal and external networks.
  6. Systems thinking throughout the enterprise. The connected whole is greater than the sum of individual parts.
  7. Self management within a community of integrity, self motivation and trust.

It is this combination and interdependence of the seven determinants that inspires the growth of highly effective enterprises. The collective talents, along with the living structures, systems, processes and strategies ensure that innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership are constantly interacting within the enterprise, as it seeks to innovate along the edges, while managing existing growth.

Click here for Jazzin' in the Vineyard - Vintner's Enterprise Study in PDF format.

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